Amazon Account Security And Privacy Guide 2022

If someone takes control of your Amazon account, they can not only order products with your money, they can learn a lot about you by seeing your order history and browsing history. They could also take control of Alexa voice assistant products and other Amazon products and services you may own. And if you use your Amazon account to log in to other websites, then someone who gains access to your Amazon account gains the keys to those other accounts.

For these reasons, you must take the time to set your Amazon Account security and privacy settings to stop hackers from taking control of it. Let’s walk through them.

This guide shows the full, desktop version of the Amazon website. You may also use this guide on Amazon’s mobile website. The links throughout the guide will take you directly to the pages referenced.

For some settings, I don’t have a recommendation related to security or privacy, so I don’t describe them in this guide. For those, feel free to keep the default, or choose based on your preferences.

Improve Your Amazon Account Security and Privacy Using Your Account Settings

Open the Your Account page. You’ll see a page full of links that allow you to manage your account. We’ll go through them in order.

Amazon account security and privacy

3 thoughts on “Amazon Account Security And Privacy Guide 2022”

  1. After having looked all over Amazon and several other sites, it would appear the option to disable 1-Click payments is no longer available. If you want to “disable” it, you have to remove your payment information. You may wish to update your guide accordingly.

  2. We are no longer able to turn off 1-click ordering. The information on many Amazon ‘how-to’ sites on this, including this one, is outdated and says we can. It’s especially frustrating when I need to order multiple dash button items and want to just put them all in a cart and then order as 1 order instead of 8.

  3. The ability to not turn off 1-click is very annoying and disappointing. This option should be available as it was in the past. As a customer I want full control over my purchasing procedures, I want to make sure that everything is in order before I agree to the purchase. The decision to remove this function seems counter to customer focus expectations.


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