best parental control router

Best Parental Control Router Of 2022: How To Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Your children are off exploring the internet without you knowing. But with parental controls, they can be safe and secure. The best parental controls let you choose the types of content your children see, limit…

Qwant vs Google

Qwant vs Google – Is Qwant A Viable Private Alternative To Google Search?

For those of you who have been living under a rock, you probably know that Google has been the most popular search engine for many years now. However, not everyone is happy with what Google…

Gift Ideas For Remote Workers

Gift Ideas For Remote Workers – Best Gifts For Those Who Work From Home

Do you have a lot of workers who work remotely at your company? Yes, most likely. Or, you surely know someone who works from home—someone who values comfort, a beautiful environment, and the freedom to…

best kids youtube channels

Best Kids YouTube Channels – Safe Ideas For Your Kids

According to a 2020 survey, 35% of parents in the United States allow their children ages 11 and under to watch videos on YouTube several times a day. The Pew Research Center also reports 80% of U.S parents…

Choosing an Antivirus for Your Windows Computer – What to Know

Choosing an Antivirus for Your Windows Computer – What to Know

There are a lot of online threats in the internet world and today’s internet security software goes above and beyond to protect you online. Whether you’re always online or only use your computer, smartphone, or…

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