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Online Danger Book Review

Online Danger Book Review – Protecting Your Privacy in 2022

I recently read the book Online Danger: How to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones From the Evil Side of the Internet by Dr. Eric Cole. In addition to the tips it shares, it teaches…

phone laptop token

How And Why To Use Two-Factor Authentication

Have you noticed that many login pages have a place to enter a code or token in addition to your password? You may have thought, “Why would I need that? I already have a password…

MasterCard debit card

Which Passwords to Change After Credit Card Fraud? – Best Privacy Tips for 2022

You sit down to leisurely review your credit card transactions. You’re halfway down the list, thinking of how boring this is, and asking yourself why you even bother. Suddenly, your eyes latch onto a transaction…

birthday cake candles

Don’t Share Your Birth Date Online – Best Digital Privacy Tips In 2022

Don’t you love being bombarded with “Happy Birthday!” messages on Facebook and other social channels? Love it or not, the fact that others know your birthday increases your risk of identity theft and fraud. Let’s…

how to answer security questions

How to Answer Security Questions Securely – You Need To Read This

“What’s your mother’s maiden name?” How many times have you been asked to answer this question when you create an account? Do you give the right answer? Let me explain why you shouldn’t give the…

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