Best Light Bulb Security Cameras – 2022 Update

Security, whether it’s for your home, computer, or mobile device, is something we should all be taking seriously. Today, one of the best ways you can secure your property is by having a camera do all the monitoring for you. But what if you don’t want anyone to know about your camera?

You have a couple of options here you either go for a security camera that you’ll be able to hide among household objects, or you go for a camera that perfectly resembles a household object. And if you’re that type of person who is looking to secure your belongings at your residential home or commercial establishment the best way possible, then you should start using one of these light bulb security cameras.

Yes. You read that right. After years of research and development, we now have security cameras inside light bulbs. You can now protect your home against intruders without them noticing that you are actually monitoring their activities inside your property. The best thing about them is that these light bulbs can be installed right away by simply inserting them into a conventional light socket. These cameras are no slouch either, some of the best light bulb security cameras even have 360-degree fisheye lenses and infrared night vision to provide you with a better view of your property even when it’s dark.

So, how do you choose one that best fits your preference and needs? Well, there are so many options out there so we’ve decided to help you out by reviewing only the best light bulb security cameras today.

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WE-Direct Auto Tracking Panoramic Camera Light Bulb

Amaryllo Zeus: Biometric Auto Tracking Light Bulb

EVERSECU 1080P WiFi IP Bulb Camera

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Camera Resolution

360° Panoramic Viewing

Night Vision

Microphone And Speaker

Support SD Card

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Sensitive Motion Detection

256-bit Military Grade Encryption and Facial Recognition

Motion Detection and Two-Way Audio


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How To Choose The Best Light Bulb Security Camera

It’s no secret that these light bulb cameras are one of the best inventions in the past few decades. Unlike wired security cameras, the camera inside these light bulbs is not that difficult to install and only needs a Wi-Fi connection and a smartphone to begin area surveillance.

When selecting the best light bulb camera, we’ve considered the following factors.

Camera Definition. No one likes to watch blurry security footages that can’t clearly show the face of the intruder, so having a camera with high-definition is a must. The security camera’s quality greatly affects how useful the video recording is going to be. The frames per second, or FPS, is what you should consider when trying to buy a light bulb security camera. FPS is a measurement of how many images per second a device can capture at any given time. A higher FPS means you’ll get footage with better quality.

Camera Coverage. Coverage is as important as your camera’s definition. The more ground your camera can cover, the better you can secure your property. And as we’ve mentioned before, there are now light bulb security cameras equipped with a 360-degree fisheye to show a panoramic view of the room.

Memory Capacity. This feature determines the size of footage you can store on your light bulb security camera. A high memory capacity means you’ll get to save longer video footage, and this is recommended especially for those homeowners who are always away.

Additional Features. You should also consider if you’d like your camera to be equipped with other features such as night vision, audio recording, or a motion detector. All of those can help better secure your home or commercial property. You can also get a camera with a 2-way intercom so you can communicate with your family through it or give a warning to those who are trying to break into your property.

8 Best Light Bulb Security Cameras This 2022

Best Security Camera For Residential Homes: WE-Direct 1080P 360°Rotate Auto Tracking Panoramic Camera Light Bulb

WE-Direct 1080P 360°Rotate Auto Tracking Panoramic Camera Light Bulb Night VisionWireless for WiFi PTZ IP Cam Remote Viewing Security E27...
  • 💡【HD Pan Tilt&WiFi Wireless Connection 】This Pan Tilt WiFi camera can provide you with a clear vision (Full HD 1080P resolution) at any time,You can use the APP to control the camera viewing angle to achieve 360...
  • 💡【Easy To Install】This camera can be installed using a normal E27 bulb base(110V~240V),NO MORE EXTRA INSTALLATION STEPS.then you just need to connect the camera system to the router,open the app to set up the...
  • 💡【Two-Way Audio and Cloud Storage】: Built in high quality Mic and speaker,the bulb security camera allows you to communicate with family through the app whenever & wherever you are, which is a perfect monitoring...
  • 💡【Motion Detection & Real-time Alerts】This PTZ dome surveillance camera adopts a highly sensitive motion sensor,Once the camera detects the movement of the object after connecting it to the Internet, it will...

This WE-Direct 1080P 360°Rotate Auto Tracking Panoramic Camera Light Bulb can provide you with crisp vision in full HD 1080P resolution at any time. You can also use the APP to adjust the camera’s viewing angle for 360-degree viewing without blind areas.

This camera may be mounted with a standard E27 bulb base (110V-240V). After that, simply connect the camera system to your router and launch the app to set up the camera in minutes.

It has a built-in high-quality microphone and speaker, allowing you to connect with family via the app whenever and wherever you are, making it an ideal monitoring system for schools, offices, and homes.

Best Security Camera For Businesses: Amaryllo 360° Light Bulb Security Camera

Amaryllo Zeus: Biometric Auto Tracking Light Bulb PTZ Wi-Fi Security Camera with Face Recognition, Support Fire Warning, Support Person, Vehicle,...
  • 256-bit Military Grade Encryption - Highest security protection deployed to shield business data from security threat!
  • Fast Facial Recognition - Be alerted when your kids are home from school.
  • Simplest Installation - Securing your home is as simple as screwing in a light bulb!
  • Stand-Alone Pan & Tilt Auto-Tracking - Reduce the cost of installing multiple cameras and eliminate blind spots

This 256-bit Military Grade Encrypted camera has a wide range of AI-powered detection capabilities and a 1080p Full High Definition resolution which makes it one of the best light bulb security cameras today. The Amaryllo 360° Light Bulb Security Camera has face recognition, motion sensors, object and pet detection, infrared night vision, and a 360° viewing coverage. What more can you ask for, right?

This biometric indoor security camera was designed for easy and no-fuss installation. The free smartphone app connected to your light bulb will allow you to live stream and review footage at any given time. With the manufacturer’s subscription plan, you can unlock the device’s biometric features such as its fire, human, vehicle, and pet recognition. Another great thing about this product is you can either use the manufacturer’s offered cloud storage or add local storage by using a Micro SD card.

The base of this bulb is quite long making it the perfect security camera for those with recessed light sockets. The same can’t be said for those with exposed sockets since installing this light bulb will make it stick out and may even ruin the aesthetics of your ceiling. If you don’t have any recessed light sockets at home, you do have the option to install this light bulb in a lamp fitting. Don’t worry the light bulb’s mobile application has the option to be flipped so you don’t have to worry watching security footage from this device upside down.

Best Security Camera For Offices: EVERSECU 360° Panoramic View WiFi IP Bulb Camera

EVERSECU 360° Panoramic View 1080P WiFi IP Bulb Camera with FishEye Lens 360 Degree 3D VR Panoramic View Home Security CCTV Camera Wirelss...
  • 2.4G WiFi CONNECTION & WIDE APPLICATION SCENES - Install the APP "iCsee" on your phone (iOS/Android). Connecting the camera with the WIFI (only support 2.4G wireless connection), then you can start monitor. Perfect for...
  • PANORAMIC VIEW ANGLE - 360 degree full view angle, there is no blind area. You can see the entire room during the daytime or at night. The camera provides a full coverage scene. You won't miss anything that happened in...
  • ALERT & MOTION DETECTION ALERT: The alert will be launched to your smart phones if any motion is detected, which make your home or office more safe. Perfect for Vacation Home Monitoring, Pet Monitoring, Business...
  • NIGHT VISION & EASY INSTALLATION: The camera provides excellent night vision, you can monitor even in dark surroundings, The user manual will give you the guidance for every step in our app(iOS/Android) and view the...

EVERSECU 360° Panoramic View WiFi IP Bulb Camera has a 1080P High Definition resolution with a 360-degree panoramic viewing angle to monitor your home or office without worrying about any blind spot. It also has an intelligent AI mode to easily detect any movements and will send alerts straight to your smartphone.

This device is perfect for those who want to monitor their babies, pets, or elderly family members. The camera also offers excellent night vision so you can monitor any activities even when it’s dark. The light will automatically turn itself on when someone passes by, making it the perfect security camera for your front porch, patio, home entrance, or office.

You also have the option to share what you see with other family members or with your colleagues at work since this light bulb security camera supports multi-device remote viewing for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

EVERSECU 2MP 1080P Wireless Lightbulb

EVERSECU 2MP 1080P Wireless Lightbulb Powered PTZ Security Camera with E27 Bulb Connector, Motion Auto Tracking, Two Way Audio, Night Vision,...
  • [Wireless & Easy Installation] : Compatible with E26 / E27 light socket makes it quite easy to installl this security camera, simply screw this camera into a light socket(110V~240V),NO DRILL, NO WIRING, NO POWER...
  • [2K 3MP Ultra HD Video Resolution] : This IP surveillance camera is built-in 2pcs IR LEDs+6pcs white LEDs with 31ft w/b and 65.6ft FULL-COLOR night vision, providing you with a super clear viewing experience. All...
  • [Motion Detection & Auto Tracking & Real-time Alerts]: this PTZ dome surveillance camera adopts a highly sensitive motion sensor. If some people invade your home, this security camera will track the motion and...
  • 【Two-Way Audio & Sound Alarm】 Built-in microphone and speaker, you can have a conversation between you and your visitor, you can also create a sound alarm to scare away the invader via the speaker.

This security light bulb is compatible with E26 / E27 light sockets, making it simple to install. Simply screw it into a light socket (110V-240V). After installing, open the ICAM365 app to set up the camera in minutes.

It has motion detection, auto-tracking, and real-time alerts. It has a highly sensitive motion sensor with a voice alert if needed.

It also includes a built-in microphone and speaker, allowing you to converse with your visitor or create a sound alarm to scare away intruders. You may also share your camera with friends and family so that everyone can see it on their phones at the same time. It has a high level of encryption, so even if this wifi camera is stolen or broken, no one else will be able to see your videos.

XVIM 1080P Light Bulb Camera

XVIM 2.4GHz WiFi Camera, Wireless Light Bulb Security Camera, Remote Access, 2-Way Audio, Night Vision & Live Alarm
  • [Wireless Connection & Easy Installation] - This wireless camera supports 2.4Ghz WiFi (5Ghz WiFi is not supported). With a normal base, it can be installs easily and quickly.
  • [1080P HD & Full Color Night Vision] - The wireless camera has 1080P HD resolution, providing clear and smooth live video and 360 panoramic views. Full Color night vision to view your home at any time.
  • [Pan/Tilt Capacity & 2-Way Audio] - XVIM wireless light bulb camera rotates 355 degrees horizontally, and flips 90 degrees vertically, allowing you to control the viewing angle of the camera via the APP to realize...
  • [Smart Human Motion Detection] - Connect the WiFi camera to the Internet, the camera will detect only people, send alert notifications more accurately, and be your personal bodyguard.

The XVIM 1080P WiFi Light Bulb Camera features 1080P HD quality for clear and smooth live video, as well as a 360° panoramic view and night vision to keep your home safe at all times.

It comes with a sophisticated human motion detecting system that can send out alerts. You may use the APP to get the remote view and change the camera angle from anywhere. Videos can be stored on an SD card or through cloud storage.

VHOB 1080P Light Bulb Camera

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VHOB 1080P Light Bulb Camera is simple to set up and can be done in minutes using the APP. When motion detection is enabled, it sends push notifications or email alerts to your devices with motion photos or clips.

This WiFi camera has ultra-long-range infrared and white light built-in. You can switch between black and white and color night vision at will, so you can see as well as if it were day. It can identify any motions and monitor moving humans, objects, and pets, sending email or notification alerts and allowing you to check what happened.

Built-in microphones and speakers allow you to listen in and respond using your iPhone or Android Mic, allowing you to start a discussion with your visitors.

SYMYNELEC 360 Degree Panoramic IP Camera

The SYMYNELEC Security Cam offers a large field of view, rotating 355 degrees horizontally and 120 degrees vertically. The Tuya App makes it simple to pan, tilt, zoom, light, talk, and playback. It’s also as simple to install as a standard light bulb.

While you’re away, motion alerts will be delivered to your device, keeping you informed of any potential threats in your house. It gives you peace of mind by allowing you to communicate with your family or pets from anywhere at any time, thanks to the built-in speaker.

It comes with a 1080P Full HD security camera that records crystal clear videos. Quality infrared LEDs and sensors enhance the range of night vision to 33 feet, allowing you to see well even in the dark, and the lights turn on automatically when you approach.

Viboos Light Bulb Camera

The Viboos Light Bulb Camera can light and keep an eye on your room and if the room is dark, it will automatically turn on so you’ll get a clearer image. Much like other light bulb security cameras on this list, this also has night vision capabilities using its built-in infrared light and a 360° viewing angle with no blind area through its fish-eye lens.

With the help of its own mobile app, you can control the LED light remotely and view your security footage anywhere in the world. It’s motion detectors has five levels of sensitivity to suit your needs. You can easily synchronize alarms using the app on your smart phone so you can be notified when an intruder enters your property.

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